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Internal Talent Acquisition

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About Us

We are a progressive, results-focused, process consulting firm specialising in the creation of a self-sustained Talent Acquisition capability for companies scaling up on talent. Its founder, Ryan Cousins, is a Talent Acquisition specialist with over 15 years experience in this field. With experience at various recruitment agencies specialising in multiple industries, it was in 2022 we decided to launch Talligence.


With a strong passion for Talent Acquisition process building and optimising, Talligence was born to create streamlined Talent Acquisition operations for clients looking to build a self-sustained Talent Attraction strategy. 

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Ryan Cousins - Founder Talligence Consulting

About The Founder

Director and Founder of Talligence (Pty) Ltd, Ryan is an experienced Talent Acquisition Leader in devising strategy and talent acquisition processes. He develops and leads strategic initiatives to build talent acquisition teams, processes, policy and critical role pipelining plans. Ryan is a dynamic talent professional offering a 15+ years of progressive career experience across diverse industries. He has a proven history of designing and implementing recruitment and training initiatives for companies up to 13000 employees. 


Ryan is Insightful and creative with strengths in partnering with cross-functional business executives and strategising on personnel-management solutions. He is well known for identifying improvement opportunities and spearheading projects to drive effectiveness.

What We Do

Building of Internal Talent Acquisition Teams or Internal Talent Acquisition Team Restructuring for optimised performance. We create future sustainable in-house talent acquisition strategies.

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Talent Acquisition Team Capability Upskilling 

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Talent Acquisition Policy Drafting and  Implementation 

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Talent Pipelining Strategy Embedding 

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Talent Acquisition Process Review and Suggested Upgrade Implementation 

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Employment Equity Strategy and Progress Trackers 

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EVP Strategy Formulation and Roll out plan 

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Key Stakeholder Education on Talent Acquisition Process 

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Talent Acquisition KPI Tracking and Reporting 

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Graduate/Campus Strategy 

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Supplier Management 

How We Do It

We determine the need for the short/medium term from a Talent Acquisition perspective 

We research and present proposed Talent Acquisition strategy 

We develop templates across all the recruitment stages for consistency in performance 

Business Meeting

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Upon agreement, we commit to implementing proposed Talent Acquisition strategy and process. We build and incorporate a Talent Acquisition policy and run out process education across the business 

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We develop strategies ensuring the availability of ‘ready-now’ candidates across all identified key roles 

We review current Talent Acquisition practise, policy and process by consulting business owners, human resources and key hiring managers 

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We implement tracking and reporting on all Talent Acquisition activities 

We install service level agreements for consistent service from all supplier 


What Makes Us Unique

Talligence is a results-focussed, progressive consultancy that imbeds, upgrades and maintains talent acquisition processes and people. Success for us lies in the creation and hand-over of a fully sustainable talent attraction and management strategy and process that our clients can make use of now and in the future. We focus purely and exclusively on Talent Attraction processes and not only on this as part of a greater HR Strategy implementation. This unique sense of focus allows us to tailor a talent attraction methodology that best suits your needs.

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